Bulletin Nr 2.

Dear Competitors,

The official training days have started today at the 16. World Microlight Championship.

We have free wifi, password is not required. To reduce data usage, there is an automatic disconnection after each 15 minutes unused period.

Petrol is available at the nearest MOL petrol station in 4 km, map attached.

We have restaurant open from 6:30, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, is available A la Carte.

Due to bad weather forecast for Friday we will fly the official training task on Thursday 09.08.18. Length more than 180 km. Briefing at 10:00. Planning time 14:30.


For safety reason please be informed about the rules of the training days.

  • No engine start and taxi in camping area
  • Traffic pattern to East (01 right hand / 19 left hand circuit)
  • Avoid to fly above populated area
  • Avoid no fly zones: SARMELLEK TIZ1, TIZ2, LHR36, LHR4
  • Do not fly over the camping, aircraft parking and hangar area
  • Leave the deck asap after landing
  • No passing / overtaking on the traffic pattern
  • Enter the pattern at downwind after navigation practise
  • At engine start and taxi pay attention for aircrafts behind you (do not blow them away..)
  • Park the aircraft in the parking area or in the quarantine area (not in camping)
  • Anchor the aircraft after parking all the time


Wish you all safe and pleasant practice.


The Organizers

Nagykanizsa, 14:00 LT 08/08/2018